Membership dues are one of the main sources of income for our local club. Currently, the full membership goes into the General Account to pay for the day-to-day operations of the organization. Our goal is to increase membership so that rather than dipping into the Savings Fund, the General Account can maintain our daily expenses and any other costs that may arise, such as events, etc.

As a valued member of the Ramallah family and the Washington, D.C. club, we encourage you to pay your membership dues securely online in order to access the Washington, D.C. club members’ benefits area. Your membership begins upon receipt of payment and entitles you to all of the benefits described and available on our website.

Join, Participate, Benefit & Succeed

  • Membership dues covers the calendar year,  January through December of each year
  • Membership dues are $50 per person and you must be 18 years or older to apply
  • Membership dues are not tax deductible
  • Only paid members are eligible to receive events’ reduced rates

    Additional donations for Clubhouse maintenance are greatly appreciated and can be added here, if you would like.

    Move the slider to the right to select your donation amount.