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Medical Mission Donation

Our Medical Mission team received an urgent call from the Minister of Health of Palestine for help with combating the COVID-19 (coronavirus). It’s imperative to get items in place before the need is too great, or it’s too late, to help protect our patients, healthcare workers, and doctors that are battling this pandemic in Palestine. We know that while the whole world is struggling with the corona virus problem, Palestine is being hit extra hard because of its scarce resources and densely packed population and a crisis of unprecedented proportions is brewing there. This is a call to action to save a population in great need. The medical facilities there are in dire need of testing kits, masks, ventilators, protective gear, and sanitizers. Through appeal and networking, we have located these items on the market and are currently ordering, shipping and arranging delivery to Palestine. Please help us raise the funds needed for this Coronavirus relief effort in Palestine. With other Palestinian organizations, we are hoping to raise a million dollars for this effort, please help.

All medical items noted here will be put to it’s best and most efficient use, and the greatly needed ventilators will serve our people beyond this current threat.

You can contribute online directly to our AFRHSN Medical Mission below.

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